Thursday, 14 February 2013

Quick Reads: Empowering Readers

Books inspire passionate debate, deep concentration and plenty of blogging. For many of us, reading a good book isn't a luxurious means of passing time, it's an important part of our lives.

However, for the one in six working adults in the UK who struggle with reading the picture is very different. A book presents a real challenge and one those with difficulties avoid.

This is something the Quick Reads project aims to change. The team commission big name writers to write great, compelling reads of shorter length. By creating more bite-sized pieces of fiction, a barrier is chipped away for those less confident with reading. The fantastic authors involved with the project produce strong, action-packed stories to open up a world of reading to those whose previous experience with fiction caused them to shy away.

Quick Reads is a fantastic outreach programme, helping make a real difference for those with reading difficulties. Improved reading skills have a notable effect on not only job prospects but also self esteem. Parents with higher reading confidence are also more likely to share the benefits of reading with their children, inspiring and improving aspirations for the next generation.

Today marks the launch of six new titles by some really exciting authors. For a bargainous £1, these could be yours via booksellers and online retailers. So get involved, and help support this brilliant programme!

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